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Fire & Ice Concessions

This has been a project of love. Good food makes people happy and feel good.

This trailer encapsulates my life: everything that I have been a part of, the true unsung heroes- my people: Fire fighters, Police/Corrections, Paramedics, EMT’s, Dispatchers, nurses air and ground.

From the wrapped truck and trailer to the names of some of the food items, like the 5 alarmer and smoke showing, firehouse coffee and the nurses midnight mud, there is a theme that unites the goods we sell.

We don’t just talk about it; we also show our support by giving a portion of the proceeds from a show to the local police or fire department. We have given to local food banks, AEDs, breathalysers, fallen EMS, fire and police, and K9 units.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mangia Fire and Ice Concessions is to delight taste buds with our scrumptious pizza, refreshing Italian ice, and an unforgettable dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more

Our Vision

Our vision at Mangia Fire and Ice Concessionsis
to become the go-to destination for food lovers, offering exceptional quality, variety, and innovation while creating lasting memories for our valued customers

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